About Us

Meet Jack & Georgia

Jack and Georgia are the grandparents of Emily, the store owner.

From Emily:

I was lucky enough to live minutes from them my entire life, and they were an integral part of raising me. While my parents were at work, my brother and I spent our days playing games that will stick with me forever. From “Rolly Bat” to “Mother May I”, the days flew by with them. We walked around Crowders Mountain Lake more times than I can count and were told what I can only describe as exaggerated stories by Georgia herself. We would meet Jack out at the end of the road when he came home from work, and nine times out of ten he would have a 3 Musketeers for me. It was later deemed as “Pawpaw candy” because he had them in stock in his top dresser drawer. His thermos would be filled with the strongest black coffee I have ever smelled, and under the driver seat in his silver truck, there would always be a bag of pork rinds. I could always expect $5 in gas money and a “love ya baby” after every visit. I think my love of makeup and clothing stems a lot from Georgia because we played beauty shop on the living room floor most weeks. During our sleepovers, we would eat popcorn and drink Diet Coke before she would tell me the story of “The Golden Arm” while I fell asleep. On our big days out, we would get a McDonalds chicken nugget happy meal and go to Maxway for a toy of our choice. But out of everything, what I remember most is the faith and love they showed for the Lord every single day. Everyone I have ever met that know these two always had the highest praise for them both. Pawpaw was one of the hardest workers you could ever meet and Nana has the biggest heart out of anyone I know. They would take me to church with them and people would just talk my ear off about them. Granted, I was little and very shy so I just nodded my head, and I never knew how much it meant until I got older. Jack never failed to give a speech and pray before every meal where he would sit at the head of the table with sweet tea to the brim in his Washington Redskins mug. I could go on and on about them, but I’ll stop because I feel as if I’ve gotten my point across.

We lost Pawpaw (Jack) last year in November. We all thought he was going to outlive us all because he was quite invincible. Losing such a strong asset to your family is hard but he taught up so much here during his 93 years on earth that it feels like he’ll always be here with us. I don’t think I can ever let them both know what they mean to me, but when brainstorming a name for something I am so passionate about, I felt like Jack & Georgia was the only way to go. They complemented each other so well, and both of their character traits are something I have applied to my life and will continue to apply to this business venture of mine. Jack’s work ethic and Georgia’s love for all things girly. The faith and love for the Lord that they both showed to me daily. I don’t think I could have picked a better foundation for this store.